10 Reasons Why Retailers Need Mobile Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

Retail Mobile MarketingMobile marketing is not a fad. Far from it. In fact, text message marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to market your retail business, hands down. There are more mobile phones out there than ever before, and the vast majority has web browsers built in right out of the box. If you’re still not convinced, here are ten reasons why your retail business needs to take advantage of mobile marketing right now.

Number One – The Internet is Going Mobile

Experts predict that by 2013 (that’s right, next year) more people will use their phones as their primary means of internet access than personal computers. Although these mobile phones are rapidly approaching the level of sophistication normally reserved for laptop and desktop computers, the way that they connect to the internet is still entirely distinct in terms of screen size and user interface. If your retail business doesn’t have a mobile website, then your customers are going to have a very hard time accessing your traditional website through their mobile device.

Number Two – Mobile Marketing is Interactive Marketing

If you want to connect with your customers on a personal level – which you certainly should – then mobile marketing is the way to go. Here are some examples of just how interactive mobile marketing for retailers really is:

QR Codes – Customers are in your store and they see a product they’re considering buying, but they’re not sure. If you have a QR code that they can scan with their mobile device, they will be instantly directed to links containing customer reviews, videos, etc. and all of these things will help them choose which product is right for them, increasing the chance that they make a purchase.

Location Based SMS – When you’re retail store has more than one location, your advertising between each is going to be different. While traditional websites are great for advertising purely online, with location based SMS marketing, you can ensure that customers receive relevant updates depending on which location of your retail store is closest to them.

Number Three – Mobile Marketing for Retailers Saves Money

You might think that, purely because it is yet another marketing strategy, it is going to cost more money. That’s simply not the case. When you employ a mobile marketing strategy that involves things such as mobile coupons, you save money on printing costs for yourself and your customers.

Number Four – Mobile Marketing for Retailers Always Hits its Target

If you want to guarantee that customers see your advertising, then there’s nothing more effective than mobile marketing. Text message marketing goes straight to your customer’s phones, which they have on their person at all times. No matter where they go, your text messages can and will follow.

Number Five – Mobile Marketing for Retailers is Easy

With the help of qualified mobile marketing agencies and the constantly evolving and advancing mobile marketing software that is available, setting up your mobile marketing platform has never been easier.

Number Six – Mobile Marketing for Retailers is Complementary

Adding text message marketing to your existing marketing strategy can only enhance it. You’ve already got print media, television, online, etc. Mobile marketing is the final piece of the puzzle and once you put that final piece into place, you’ve got complete saturation.

Number Seven – Mobile Marketing for Retailers Hits the Customer’s Sweet Spot

It makes sense. People can’t drag themselves away from their cellphones and with SMS marketing, you become a part of the constant stream of information and media that they can’t get enough of.

Number Eight – Mobile Marketing for Retailers is Live Marketing

SMS marketing is the closest thing to having a real live person updating your customers about the latest sales, deals, offers, and products available at your retail store. When you send out your bulk text message, it reaches your customers immediately. There is no other form of advertising that even comes close to that kind of speed and accuracy.

Number Nine – Mobile Marketing is Proven Effective

When customers have all of the power of information at the tips of their fingers, 24/7, no matter where they go, they are far more likely to buy. SMS marketing eliminates all of the hassle and streamlines the decision making process. They will buy more and more often.

Number Ten – Mobile Marketing is Only Getting Better

It’s true, text marketing is still a relatively young field, but mobile marketing companies are getting better every day, and the methods that they already employ have reached astounding rates of success. At present, mobile marketing is already a vast improvement over traditional means, and it is only getting better.

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