Bar Mobile Text Marketing Ideas

by Michael Armstrong

Bar Text MarketingIf your aim is to run a bar where everybody knows your name, you’ll want to think about coming up with a mobile text marketing campaign that will your name seared into the mind of patrons.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Just because you have a small bar in an average neighborhood doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit from a niche marketing plan. If your regular patrons are enough, you can use your bar’s mobile text marketing plan to keep them caught up on weekly and semi-regular events taking place. Have a Wednesday karaoke night? What about free chicken wing Friday? Give your regulars a reason to unwind at your place.

If you’re looking to get some new blood into your place, a sms marketing list can be a good tool for this task. If your bar is a popular hangout for college students, use your list to advertise half-off appetizers with a college ID (and a real ID if they’re drinking!). Want to advertise a new open mike night at your place? A sms mobile marketing list will be just the thing to get people in the seats and future stars on your stage.

Using Bar Mobile Text Marketing Strategies

Everyone loves to save money. Who doesn’t in these strange days of economic sludge? If you want to get people into your bar, you’ll have to give them a reason. No, you don’t have to give unlimited free food and drink to a biker gang. You can use your bar’s mobile sms marketing short code to offer a free appetizer or half off a pitcher on Wednesdays.

One bar marketing strategy you can utilize can be one that gets people to come to events. For example, you can give incentives for attending a beloved event that’s…let’s just say sparsely attended. Perhaps you can give free food to regulars who bring friends (and new blood) into Karaoke Wednesdays. Give them an extra beer if they get said friends to subscribe to your mobile sms marketing list. Sometimes regulars can be the best mobile text marketing strategy of all!

Using a Text Message Marketing Company

Bar MarketingYou know beer and you know bars. Bar mobile text marketing plans are not exactly your strong point. Well, the good news is that companies such as Tatango and Trumpia can do all of your mobile text marketing’s heavy lifting for you. Tatango lets you use their sms marketing software to send unlimited text messages to your bar’s sms marketing list.

When you visit Trumpia’s website, you have the opportunity to view a free marketing webinar. They also provide services for other types of marketing, so if you want to start an email list or tell all of Facebook about your bar, Trumpia can help you do that. Still not convinced? Both Tatango and Trumpia offer free trials for their mobile text marketing services.

Bar mobile text marketing can be a great way to get new seats in those stools and to keep your regulars on their beer drinking toes. If your dream is to own a place where everybody knows everybody else’s name, try creating a bar sms marketing plan.

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