Five Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

by Michael Armstrong

Small Business Mobile MarketingMobile marketing for small businesses equals the opportunity for big business. The International Communication Union recently reported that there are 1.5 billion people in the world who are now using the mobile web. If your small business isn’t already taking advantage of this big business opportunity, your business is missing out.

Why should you start a mobile marketing campaign? It’s really a no-brainer. Small businesses that have already started a mobile marketing strategy are reaping the benefits. In fact, reports that 84% of small businesses that have established a mobile presence say that their business increased as a result. Here are five things to think about as you begin a mobile marketing campaign.

1. A mobile website should come before a mobile app. Potential customers who are on the go are much more likely to visit a mobile website. A mobile app is a good thing, but it requires a customer to download the app before they can do anything with it. Imagine that a consumer locates your business by doing a local search on their smartphone, only to find that you have no mobile website.

You have a mobile app but the consumer has no desire to wait while it downloads, so they merely skip ahead to the next business listed in their search. If that business has a mobile website, it just beat yours in a head-to-head competition. Mobile apps are great for a customer who has already visited your mobile website, was impressed by what they found, and wants to get more from your business.

Small Business Mobile Websites

2. As just mentioned, a mobile app can enhance your customers’ experience with your business. For example, the Mermaid Oyster Bar in New York has a good mobile website where customers can go to make reservations, see its menu offerings, locations and hours. Then they have a great extra in an app that lets customers learn about all things oyster. Diners can use the app to learn about different oyster varieties and see photos, as well as share their favorites with friends.

Small Business Mobile App Builder

3. Make use of QR codes. QR, or quick response codes are bar codes that are basically a URL link to a business’s website. They are a great way to get coupons out to your customers, increase name recognition and bring them into your mobile website.

4. Make sure you define your mobile strategy. Decide how you would like to use mobile to grow your business. Do you want to use text messaging to send coupons and other offers to your customers? Do you want to make use of location services to increase local business? Knowing the specifics of what you would like to accomplish with mobile is an important step in gaining mobile presence.

5. Text message marketing is a major way to increase business. Not every cell phone user has a smartphone, but text messaging can reach almost every mobile phone regardless. The success of text messaging is significantly higher than email, with only a 4 minute period between when a text is sent until it is opened and read by the recipient. Text message marketing can be used to send out coupons, promotions and other deals. It can also keep your customers aware of new product offerings, special sale dates and other news pertaining to your business.

Small Business SMS Marketing

There is a lot to know about mobile marketing, but the most important thing to remember is that it gives any small business the opportunity to take a big leap into the future and stand out from the crowd by grabbing the attention of increasingly mobile savvy consumers.

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