How Real Estate Companies Are Using Mobile Text Marketing

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Text Marketing for Realtors How Real Estate Companies Are Using Mobile Text Marketing

Real estate companies have plenty of work to do on a daily basis. Keeping track of the thousands of tiny details that are involved with buying and selling homes is no easy task. Luckily, thanks to mobile text marketing, their jobs are becoming a whole lot easier.

Mobile Text Marketing for Real Estate Companies– Stop Running Around and Go Mobile

You know that your real estate company spends the majority of its time moving information around from one place to another. As the middleman between buyers and sellers, you’ve got a lot of legwork and only a limited amount of time. When you’re dealing with multiple clients simultaneously, that legwork tends to increase exponentially. With mobile marketing, you can cut the amount of time you spend running around in half.

Mobile Marketing for Real Estate Companies – Prioritize

Your real estate company wastes a lot of time in the initial stages of the process. It’s unavoidable. Or, rather, it was unavoidable before text message marketing. Don’t lose another minute to flaky prospects who won’t commit to a sale. With mobile marketing you’ll be able to spend less time on the early stages and more time providing your clients with the personalized attention and care that they crave when the deal is actually happening.

Examples of How Real Estate Companies Can Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing

You’ve got homes for sale and the list fluctuates constantly. What’s the best way to keep your clients informed of these frequent changes? Mobile marketing. Here’s how:

Opt-in List – Provide your clients with the ability to join a list that receives mobile updates whenever a new house comes on the market, or a current house goes off. You can keep them up to date instantaneously. Don’t waste time driving around to each of your current homes. Let them know the location and the details so they only look at the ones that truly interest them.

Mobile Keywords – When you put up a “For Sale” sign outside of a house, you can include a mobile keyword. If someone drives buy and sees the sign, rather than calling you, taking up your precious time with an inquiry that may lead to a dead end, they can dial in to that mobile keyword and receive all the information they desire via text message. Then, if they’re still interested, they can contact you and you can give them the attention that they want, knowing that they are serious.

Bulk SMS Texts – When you have an upcoming open house, or a client who’s trying to sell fast, send out a bulk SMS blast to your opt-in list, alerting them. They’ll get the message no matter where they are and they’ll get it immediately.

Text Message Marketing for Real Estate Companies – All About Speed

When it comes to text message marketing for real estate companies, the greatest advantage is the fact that everything is instant. Information is transferred seamlessly between parties and there’s not a single moment wasted. Real estate companies know better than anyone else that time is money, so don’t waste either. Take a look at the text message marketing software that is available and supercharge your real estate company today.

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Buddy Willard December 27, 2012 at 10:57 am

Being a real estate agent myself, this article is definitely given me a lot of ideas.Is there a way we can track the information of people who has viewed the mobile keyword.But then i do agree text marketing is the next big thing in real estate world .Thanks!