How to Build a Mobile Website

by Michael Armstrong

Build a Mobile Website If your business is looking to build a mobile website (which it should be, for too many reasons that could possibly fit inside one set of parentheses) then you have moved past the “why” and onto the “how.”

Luckily, this part is just as easy as the first. When it comes to building a mobile website, there are a few simple criteria for determining “mobile friendliness” and if you already have a traditional website, the transition may be a whole lot easier than you think.

Mobile Websites – Mobile Web Friendliness

There are many differences between traditional devices (PCs and Laptops) and mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) when it comes to how they access and interact with the internet.

For one thing, there is the matter of screen size. Clearly, there are some major differences. This leads to the first criterion of mobile friendliness:

Dynamic Structure – you don’t want any elements in your website to employ the fixed-positions of old. Having a website that adjusts quickly and easily to a variety of screen sizes is the first step toward mobile friendliness.

Another disparity between these devices is the hardware they come equipped with. Smartphones and tablets are catching up fast, but they haven’t quite made it yet. This leads to the second criterion:

Uncluttered Information – dispense with the fancy scripts, the flashy images and the resource-heavy code. Stick to the basics to keep your mobile website moving along smoothly.

Mobile Websites – What Makes Them Different

There are plenty of things that make mobile websites different aside from what the devices that access them. Here are a few examples:

They Are Accessed By Phones – this may seem like a no-brainer (because it is) but have you considered the implications of this? Include a click-to-call button on your website to take advantage of this.

GPS – mobile websites can utilize location-based services, such as maps, to enhance their content and cater to individuals.

Actually Building a Mobile Website

As I mentioned earlier, you might be surprised how little you actually have to build. Companies like Dudamobile do most of the work for you. All that you have to do is make a single click and your current website is transformed into a mobile-optimized version.  We also have a detailed Review you can read.

Every change that you make to your traditional website is automatically synced and your mobile site is updated as well. You get all of the benefits of two websites for the work it takes to maintain one. Head over to Dudamobile and check out the various plans they have to fit any budget.

DudaMobile Build Free Mobile Site

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