Mobile Giving and Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits

by Michael Armstrong

nonprofit text message marketing Text message marketing for nonprofits is growing in both popularity and success, because mobile giving is easy for the donor and receiver alike.

Mobile technology continues to grow. Over 90% of Americans own a cell phone, and about half of those are smartphones, or at least have an internet browser. This growth means that mobile marketing will not be going away anytime soon. Many nonprofits have already recognized the benefits of utilizing mobile giving and text message marketing in their fundraising efforts.

The main benefit of text message marketing is that is very convenient for donors. All a donor has to do is text a keyword or other specific text message to a nonprofit’s special short code, and the donated amount is then billed to the donor’s next cell phone bill. This can be done without cash or a credit card while the giver is on the go, so the convenience is unparalleled.

It’s a fact that smartphone users are very personal with their phones. They carry them all the time, and even at home are said to have their phone within three feet at all times.

Nonprofits who take advantage of the personal nature of smartphones are engaging their donors and connecting with them at a higher rate than other fundraising efforts. They are making their organization more relevant in today’s world, an important thing to consider.

An example of this is the National Humane Society. They are not just going after people’s money, they are also making themselves more relevant in people’s lives by texting helpful information, such as pet care tips, to people who have adopted pets. They are giving people value even before asking for donations.

Successful mobile fundraising also integrates text message marketing with other mobile marketing strategies. For instance, a great text message campaign could start with the use of QR codes. Nonprofits can print QR codes on their signs and other ads, and when anyone with a smartphone tags the code, it takes them directly to the nonprofit website or secure donation page. Once this happens, the donor can opt in to receive future text messages from the organization. This gives the nonprofit a growing database of donor cell numbers to use in future fundraising efforts.

Another way to integrate mobile giving into a nonprofit is to connect it with existing fundraising campaigns. For example, the American Cancer Society has added text messaging into its already successful Relay for Life events, enhancing the success of the events even further.

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