Mobile Marketing Strategies for Political Campaigns

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Political Campaigns

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are entirely focused on the dissemination of information. When you’re working on a political campaign, whether you’re a democrat, republican, independent, you name it, you want to get the word out about your candidate to as many people as possible. Perhaps even more importantly, you want to make sure that the public is getting the right information about your candidate. You don’t want their opinion being swayed by skewed information that they receive from unreliable or biased sources.

When it comes to spreading information quickly, effectively, and directly, there is no method that yet exists that even comes close to mobile marketing. With the correct mobile marketing strategy, your political campaign can guarantee that the public receives the latest and most accurate information about your candidate, no matter where they are. Here are three reasons why mobile marketing is not simple ideal for your party’s campaign, but absolutely vital as well.

Mobile Marketing – Moving at the Speed of Politics

In politics, there is no time to take a breather. When you’re working on a campaign, everything is happening in real time. You need to act fast and adapt quickly to everything that gets thrown at you. Often, the hardest part is making sure that those outside of the campaign, the public, the voters that you are trying to mobilize and inform, are getting the information just as fast as you are.

This is where mobile marketing really shines. With the use of bulk SMS blasts and an effective text message marketing platform, your political campaign can ensure that all of your constituents are updated on the latest news in real time.

Text messages are instantaneous. But, even more importantly, they go to wherever your voters are. People nowadays have their mobile phones with them at all times, and with a text message marketing platform, the information spread by your political campaign can follow them wherever they go.

Mobile Marketing for Political Campaigns – Complete Saturation

It’s a fact that when you use any of the traditional forms of marketing, whether it’s television, radio, landlines calls, mail, e-mail, etc. You can’t possibly guarantee that the people you send it to will pay attention. That is not the case with mobile marketing. Every time you send a bulk SMS blast to your constituents, they see it. Guaranteed.

Mobile Marketing for Political Campaigns – The Youth Factor

The youth vote is an important and elusive vote for any political campaign. This oft-ignored segment of society can play a powerful role in an election. They key to getting their attention? You guess it: mobile marketing.

Today’s youth have grown up with mobile phones. They’ve had them as long as they can remember, and they are more accustomed to using mobile devices as a source of information than any other generation before. By taking advantage of mobile marketing, your political campaign can approach this demographic on familiar territory. If you want to engage this potent voting force, you absolutely need to take advantage of mobile marketing.

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