Mobile Websites for Nonprofit Organizations

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Mobile Websites for Nonprofit Organizations

Mobile Websites for Nonprofit Organizations

Your nonprofit needs a mobile website for several specific reasons, but first think about the big picture. As a nonprofit organization, you rely upon your community. You need the help of volunteers, supporters, and benefactors. That’s a given.

Now, consider this. The web is going mobile, and that means that your community is going mobile as well. It won’t be long before mobile devices are the platform through which the majority of the population surfs the internet. Your nonprofit is going to suffer if it can’t provide its foundational community with digital content that has been optimized for mobile platforms.

The following are a few more specific reasons that your nonprofit organization needs to take advantage of the mobile web revolution.

Mobile Websites Enhance You Nonprofit Organizations’ Mobile Apps and Text Campaigns

Your nonprofit should be making use of mobile text messaging campaigns and it should have its own mobile application for the same reasons that it should have a mobile website. However, having a mobile website in addition to these other initiatives is exponentially better than simply having a mobile app or a mobile text campaign, and for good reason.

When you send out your texts you have a limited amount of space. At best, texts are a way to grab the attention of your readers. You can’t possibly hope to pack all of your information into 160 characters. However, if you attach a link within these texts, to your mobile website, then you have more space within those texts to really grab a hold of your audience, prompting them to use the link and find out more.

The same goes for mobile applications. While mobile apps have an increasing amount of functionality with advances in hardware and software, the sheer amount of information that you can provide on a mobile websites is still far greater than that of an app, which is more focused on interactivity than information sharing.

The Mobile Web is a New Frontier for Nonprofit Organizations

You had to work hard to produce SEO content for your traditional website. After all, you’ve got a lot of competition. Keywords are everywhere and it’s hard to distinguish yourself from other nonprofits.

That is not the case on the mobile web. If you make your move early, you have a blank slate to work with. Not only will it be easy to produce SEO content for your mobile site, but you’ll see the results faster as well. But you have to act fast because, slowly but surely, your competition is going mobile as well.

Mobile Websites for Nonprofit Organizations – The Money Issue

It isn’t actually an issue at all. Your budget may be tight, but if you head over to Dudamobile and take a look at the various plans and packages they offer, you’ll see it can be downright affordable.  We also have a detailed Dudamobile review that you can read that goes into specifics of how they can help you.

They’ll take care of everything for you, too. Head over to Dudamobile and find out just how you can begin developing your mobile web presence to keep up with the direction that your community of supporters, volunteers and benefactors is quickly headed in.

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Julie DeWolf December 28, 2012 at 2:03 pm

Thank you. Budget has been a major roadblock for us in order to develop a mobile optimized website. When i saw this post i gave dudamobile which on top of being completely free is also very very simple to use. I was able to create convert my website and deploy it in minutes. Thank you once again.