Real Estate Mobile Text Marketing Ideas

by Michael Armstrong

Real Estate Mobile MarketingSince you’re a real estate professional, you know the importance of having a great real estate marketing plan. But did you know that you could increase business many times over with an excellent mobile text marketing strategy?

Why You Need a Real Estate Mobile Text Marketing Plan

Let’s say someone is meeting a friend in a fashionable part of town that they don’t visit very often. They arrive to find that there are several bookstores, coffee shops and trendy boutiques within a three block radius. There’s a lot of green space where they could lose themselves on a beautiful day. Sold on the area, they go on their cell phone to look for a real estate agent that operates in that area.

How much would you love it if this person happens upon your mobile website? If you wouldn’t love it a lot, you’re in the wrong business. By creating a real estate marketing plan, you can ensure that those who want a space in your professional neck of the woods will be able to find you with the press of a few buttons.

Creating a Real Estate Mobile Text Marketing Strategy

Whoa nelly. The first thing you’ll have to do is hire a text message marketing company to spearhead your campaign. While many sms marketing companies can also work on social and email plans, you don’t want to stretch your marketing energies too thin.

One company you can hire for your sms mobile marketing campaign is Trumpia. They’re offering a free trial for their mobile text marketing services as well as a free marketing webinar. If free trials aren’t your thing, you’ll want to avoid Tatango. Their free trial doesn’t require a credit card and you get unlimited text messaging.

Real Estate SMS Text Message Marketing Ideas You Can Use

real estate mobile text marketingSome people may not think it’s a good thing to jump on a bandwagon. However, the mobile app bandwagon is one wagon that you’ll want to hop. You can use sms marketing software to create an app that can make it very easy for people to locate your properties.

Another technological advance in mobile text marketing is multimedia message services, or MMS. One way you can use MMS to promote your real estate business is to provide pictures of available properties. You can also use streaming video to give “tours” of apartments, condos and houses.

If your real estate mobile marketing budget isn’t where you want it to be, you can use bulk sms marketing to give people who opt in to your list simple links which can take them to a mobile friendly website.

More Real Estate Text Marketing Ideas

The people that are buying and renting your apartments are almost never without their cell phones. As a real estate professional, you have to get with the times if you want to get these customers. Hiring a company to help you create a real estate mobile text marketing plan can pay off dividends in the end. Mobile sms marketing as a customer acquisition strategy isn’t going anywhere. Neither are you and your business.

The health of your business could depend on whether you’re willing to take your real estate marketing into the 21st century.


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