SMS Text Message Alerts for Colleges and Universities

by Michael Armstrong

SMS Text Message Alerts for Colleges and Universities

SMS text message alerts are an important means that colleges and universities are using to communicate with their students in today’s world. Today’s university students are among the most technologically aware in our society. Using SMS text message alerts is one way to speak students’ language.

SMS text message alerts first began to be used after some attacks by gunmen at U.S. colleges and universities. One such emergency arose at Virginia Tech several years ago. University administrators began to realize that it may become essential to be able to contact thousands of students within just a few minutes.

Now, many colleges and universities have established an emergency SMS text message alert system to contact their students in case of any sort of campus emergency. Whether it’s criminally based or related to weather conditions, a university with an SMS text message alert system can alert students, faculty and staff within moments to what is going on and how to proceed, thus keeping their campus community safer.

The main advantage of SMS text message alerts over email is the fact that students in today’s world are almost constantly looking at their smartphone or other mobile device. Very few students are without one, as it is their main method for communication.

Students, faculty and university staff can sign up and opt to receive text message alerts from the university. When any kind of emergency occurs, the university has an instantaneous connection to most everyone connected with the university, whether they are in commute or in class.

SMS text messages aren’t just for emergencies. Students have the option to sign up to receive other university news through text. This can include news about campus events, grade postings, and cancelled classes. Universities can also send text message discounts for students to use in the bookstore or in other campus shops and restaurants.

Students can also opt in to receive information about the latest sports scores and happenings.

The easiest means of starting an SMS text message alert system for your college or university is to find a business that handles mobile marketing and let them take care of it for you. Two such online sources are Trumpia and Tatango.

College Text Alerts Free TrialSMS Marketing for Univercities Free Trial

Both of these businesses offer an array of mobile marketing services; SMS text messaging is just one of the services offered. Trumpia offers a very useful free trial. At Trumpia you can try their service for 30 days and see how you like it. The free trial includes all of Trumpia’s mobile marketing services and is a great deal for those who want to see what a mobile marketing campaign can do for them.

Tatango offers an array of SMS marketing tools, such as SMS broadcasts for reaching many people at once, SMS auto-responders, as well as fun stuff like SMS polls and contests. You can try Tatango free for 7 days.

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